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November 6th 2006

"Fans of Celine Dion will be thoroughly baffeled, but lovers of of proper music are strongly advised to seek 'Breasticles' out, they will be handsomely rewarded by a fine, intelligent enthralling piece of work"

Nicholas Peg "the complete DAVID BOWIE" (2004)


Eclipsed Magazine March 2006 (Germany)

Eclipsed magazine's readers elected 'X' as No. 46 album of 2005

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Eclipsed Magazine February 2006 (Germany)

editorial journalist Steven Thomsen regards Kristeen as

No. 2 Live Act in 2005


'X' as No. 7 album of the year!


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Eclipsed Magazine November 2005 (Germany)

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Eclipsed Magazine Mai 2005 (Germany)

London, The bedford, 24.03. & The Underworld 30.03.05

„And here she is: the amazing, the incredible, the incomparable - Kristeeeeen Yoooouung!!!“

The guests don’t let themselves be disturbed from their dinner by the vociferous announcement of the compere. After all: Bedford is known for its good kitchen. Grilled tuna and shrimps are quite big here. But: Everybody who attends the circular hall of Bedford to Diner knows that he also receives acoustic preposed next to culinary. This is how it works every week. And today there is - fanfare - the incomparable Kristeen Young on the menu.  more ...

Eclipsed Magazine March 2005 (Germany)

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Rolling Stone 11/2004 (Germany)

Kate Bush on Crack, Alanis Morissette in the art cinema -  Kristeen Young, discovered by David Bowie and produced by Tony Visconti,  is a genuine event. Young uses vicious, men hurting lyrics about rockband and theatre piano, 80's-melodies and invidious synths for a very strong, furious-fierce singing, that, placed in the right way, could inspire a lot of people. For one song Bowie himself sings along. *** ½

Music Spotlight Music Spotlight 10/2004 (USA)

Publication Date: 01-OCT-04, Author: McNeill, Jarret:

"One night last year, Kristeen Young was holed up in a sweltering, humid apartment in Lisbon, Portugal, when she was struck by an idea of biblical proportions: For her latest album, X (TVPI), she would craft a cycle of songs based on the Ten Commandments, outlining reasons to break each and every one. "Maybe I... more

Eclipsed Magazine November 2004 (Germany)

Where to begin? It is not alone the acrobatic, grouchy voice of Kristeen Young, that nails one down to the ground. It is also her aggressive piano play, that muzzles one at the moment. It is the violent sound producer Tony Visconti added to the 14 tracks from "Breasticles". THE Tony Visconti, who accompanies David Bowie since his earliest days like a shade. Apropos Bowie: The Thin White Duke was the one who certified the US American Young the "greatest voice of the new millenium". more ...


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Interview,  Oct, 2004  by Jarret McNeill, Riverfronttimes, Aug 14, 2002