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December 16th 2006



Kill the father

London Cry


Life'n not short, it's sooo long

Cold steal

Depression contest (new song)

Touch tongue


Comfort is never a goal (new song)

(But it's all just) Imagined


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On www.kristeenyoung.com you can find live video clips with no overdubs featuring new songs from the new album: LONDON CRY, 9, LIFE'S NOT SHORT, IT'S SOOO LONG!!!

New album "The Orphans" seems to be available via amazon.de and should be available via amazon.co.uk soon.

That's what justforkicks.de says about it: "Endlich, das Album auf das alle schon seit Monaten warten. Mrs Young, die z Zt mit Morrissey durch Europa tourt, ist mit einem wunderbaren neuen Album am Start! Sie präsentiert sich wieder rockig, knackig und dabei auf's Wesentliche reduziert." ... "At last, the album we are waiting for so long. Mrs Young, who is currently touring with Morrissey all through Europe, is starting with a marvelous new album! She presents herself again rocking and reduced to the essential."

NEXT SINGLE: "London Cry" / Vocals on new Mozz single

Kristeen Young releases her second Attack single on December 3rd - 'London Cry.'

(source: www.true-to-you.net)


On the same day Morrissey will release his next single "I just want to see the boy happy". Featured as a B-side is a new song “Sweetie Pie” that features vocals from KY. That's what Tony Visconti tells about it @ tonyvisconti.com: "...'Sweetie Pie' has turned into a macabre dreamscape. It started as a lush ballad back in Rome and has evolved into something quite different. Kristeen Young’s voice made it into the final mix, I’m proud to say."


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"Also in December (with Morrissey).....GERMANY! (We are so excited to be playing Germany... as we never have before...AND...as we have gotten many messages over the past couple of years...from our German members of the e-mail list...encouraging us to do so.....AND....as my (Kristeen) paternal side is from Hamburg...the "Fatherland" indeed.... APACHE BLOOD/GERMAN HEART!!!!!!"

Kristeen Young will be opening the following German dates for Morrissey:

Dec. 12 Frankfurt at Jahrhunderthalle
Dec. 13 Munchen at Zenith
Dec. 15 Dusseldorf at Philipshalle
Dec. 17 Berlin at Arena Treptow
Dec. 18 Hamburg at Color Line Arena

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Still no release date for the CD. Most likely there will be some CDs available at the shows. People who pre-ordered the CD in May may very well get some surprise in November. Besides that no selling planned @ kristeenyoung.com or in stores.


Naturally the opening act has a hard time, as the fans of the main act are focussed on their "hero" - which sometimes leads to some very rude actions towards the opening act. Being far from "mainstream" like Kristeen, it doesn't get easier ... That lead to this comment by Morrissey fan Kevin after the concert in Bruxelles: "PS: I want to apologize for the rudeness of the crowd yesterday, I was hoping that Morrissey fans were a bit more openminded, but unfortunately, most of them aren't..."

Luckily - the  comments @ Kristeen's myspace site and message board entries @ morrissey-solo.com show that there are some more people who enjoyed Kristeen's enourmous talents and her music:

"I recently bought "X" and it´s such a great record. She was well received by the crowd at the Morrissey concerts and deservedly so. She is strange, she looks strange and she sounds strange. Full of energy and with a fantastic voice." (Schmitzke @ morrissey-solo.com August 06)

"Kristeen Young, the support act, was superb; powerful theatrical lively performance who seemed to have quickly won over the audience. Very impressive." (goinghome @ morrissey-solo.com Friday April 14 2006)

"Kristeen Young is the most Amazing Realised Inspired & IntenseSpineTinglingGoddessPerformerSingerMusicianArtist alive on this planet!!! Saw her in London last month opening for Morrissey, Wow!!! Thanks for the music Kristeen!!!x" (RECEIVER @ myspace.com)


Kill the father charted at No. 16 in British Independent Charts of August 27, 2006 (On Top Spot: Morrissey - "In The Future When All's Well" followed by Arctic Monkeys - "Leave Before The Lights Come On". Reached No. 32 in UKMIX Rock Chart in week 37, No. 53 the following week - leaving behind her this time the Arctic Monkeys, Muse and Franz Ferdinant


John Lewis, Mon Aug 14

KILL THE FATHER is released as a limited edition of 1000 pieces in a great vinyl replica design!

Morrissey about KY

"Kristeen's single is 'Kill the Father' and is the best song I've heard for 50 years. I especially love the line "strangle Bowie with/his neckerchief" which, you must agree, is quite an idea. Kristeen is from St Louis - which, I am told, is another way of saying Mars [although I really shouldn't say this in view of the fact that we play St Louis in November.] Kristeen is a dramatic woman - monumental vocal gifts, unwalkable heels, hypnotic way with the keyboard, and underneath it all she is still 16 (and a half.) I watch her set every night and I am dazed. I was thrilled by audience reactions to Kristeen - especially in Iceland and Italy where their intakes of breath could be heard as Kristeen ripped into the high notes. She is an artist who adapts the world to her own needs, which I appreciate. There's no other way."


KRISTEENYOUNG'S DEBUT SINGLE, "KILL THE FATHER" (from their upcoming album, THE ORPHANS) WILL BE RELEASED IN THE UK (on Morrissey's Attack label) on AUGUST 21. The Orphans is a live, raw recording of Kristeen's AFfected, overdriven piano (that really wants to be a guitar), her distinctive, (but always intentionally) annoying vocals, and Baby Jeff White's bombastic, OTT drum stylings. The album's theme, The Orphans, refers to Kristeen's experiences in this world as an "adopted", bi-racial infant/child and then, as a struggling (in so many ways) "DIY rock artist" adult."


"We are particularly excited about playing these Italian shows...since we have never played in Italy before....and since Morrissey's latest album, Ringleader of the Tormentors, is based on an Italian theme. These nights should be unforgettable. If you haven't bought Ringleader of the Tormentors, you definitely should. The first song in particular, "Far Off Places", is one of a kind....and the song, "To Me You Are a Work of Art", makes me cry. The whole album has real depth and, of course, Morrissey's sharp as a Gucci suit lyrics."


"We have been asked to re-join the MORRISSEY tour. I am over the moon. There is no other man I love anymore....nor will there ever be. Here are the dates....all in England....not London, Kentucky or anything:

May 1 LONDON - Alexandra Palace
May 3 SHEFFIELD - Sheffield City Hall
May 6 MANCHESTER - Apollo
May 8 MANCHESTER - Bridgewater Hall

All of these shows are sold out....but you may be able to find a ticket on e-bay, I'm told. Hope to see you soon.




Thursday, April 13
Killarney, Ireland

Saturday, April 15 8:00P
Olympia Theatre Dublin

Sunday Apr 16 8:00P
Olympia Theatre Dublin

12-04-06 Press Release:

KRISTEENYOUNG, a New York based duo made up of singer, writer, keyboardist, Kristeen Young and drummer "Baby" Jeff White, will replace The Boyfriends and open Morrissey’s shows at Ireland's National Event Centre (INEC) in Killarney on April 13th and the Olympia Theatre in Dublin on April 15-16. KRISTEENYOUNG is the only unsigned act to be confirmed as support for Morrissey’s tour thus far.

(PRWEB) April 12, 2006 -- KRISTEENYOUNG, a keyboard and drums duo made up of singer, writer, keyboardist, Kristeen Young and drummer "Baby" Jeff White, will open 3 of Morrissey’s European tour dates in Ireland this week: Ireland's National Event Centre (INEC) in Killarney on April 13th and the Olympia Theatre in Dublin on April 15-16. The group will replace The Boyfriends who were initially slated to complete all 10 dates in the first leg of Morrissey’s sold out European tour.

The only unsigned act to be confirmed as support for Morrissey's tour thus far, KRISTEENYOUNG are gaining notoriety worldwide for their riveting live shows. Kristeen's awe inspiring voice has been heralded, by many, as the best new voice in rock. She bashes, slams and bangs her keyboard in a rock-riff manner, while running it through effects pedals to make it sound like a cross between a piano and guitar. Baby Jeff pummels the drums like a modern-day John Bonham. Bonham's own daughter Zoe, herself a musician, noted the similarity after seeing him play at The Barfly in London in 2005.

KRISTEENYOUNG have just completed recording their new album, "the Orphans", which is currently being shopped to labels and due for release in the months to come. The title relates to Kristeen's experiences as an adopted, bi-racial child and an "indie" artist adult. The lyrics, composed with a beatnik's sense of the sound and rhythm of a word, possess both brutal honesty and surreal imagery. Performed and recorded live, the album is bombastic, visceral and dissonant, with melodic moments of heart-aching clarity.

"The Orphans" is their third album to be produced by legendary record producer, Tony Visconti. The first album, Breasticles, received widespread praise from the press, including 3 1/2 out of 4 stars in Rolling Stone and featured a duet between David Bowie and Kristeen. The second album, X ("ten"), was rated one of the top 50 albums in Germany, by Eclipsed Magazine, and featured a duet between Brian Molko and Kristeen.

Originally from St. Louis, Missouri, where they have a large following, KRISTEENYOUNG is now based in New York City. They were scheduled to play a much anticipated show on Friday, April 14th at the Hi-Pointe in St. Louis but had to cancel in order to make the Irish dates. They hope their fans back home understand and plan to play a bigger show in STL very soon.

11-04-06 KY to www.kristeenyoung.de on Tony Visconti's influence:

"... the way it happened was all an accident.....Morrissey saw part of our dvd on accident whilst Tony was looking at it (in his spare time) for the first time on the big screen at Forum studio in Rome....and Morrissey just happened to be behind him, but he didn't know it. Then, I sent him the new cd two weeks ago.....actually, he asked for it.....but, I didn't hear anything from him so I thought he didn't like it.....then this happened :)"

Some songs are available to listen here