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November 6th 2006
+++ Next single "London Cry" will be released December 3rd +++ KY supporting Morrisey +++ Upcoming concerts +++ Single 'KILL THE FATHER' out now +++

WHY KY ???

London 2005

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KY & her long-time drummer "Baby" Jeff White

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KY in Dusseldorf

New single "London Cry" out soon

Kristeen Young is coming to Germany!

KY supporting MORRISEY on Tour

with David Bowie

(picture © Bob Gruen)

Kristeen Young is without any doubt THE female voice to watch out for in the 21st century. Working together with legends such as David Bowie and Tony Visconti, she's gonna rock you with the incredible range of her voice, her innovative style, a hole bunch of exciting songs and an unbelievable performance ...

Tony at KY's gig in NYC 2003

 (picture by tvqueenbitch)

Kristeen's style is hard to describe, sometimes she  sounds a little like a mixture of Kate Bush (even if she doesn't like this comparison), Nina Hagen and Björk - it is certainly no mainstream pop, probably in the widest sense 'alternative rock'. Listening to the latest recordings of female superstars, it's about time for Kristeen - i'm sure that Madonna would be glad if she could do only one song that comes close to what Kristeen's records are full of.

Judging from the recently live performed new songs, Kristeen is more than keeping all her promises. In the times of main stream mass production and so called 'POP IDOLS' this is the sound of REAL music. For her live performances Kristeen gets splendid reviews ... that may be another prove (if it needs one) for her musical abilities.

CBGB in New York City, August 2002

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with Tony Visconti

(picture by helen2 from BNet


with Jeff White


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2005 with Kashmir

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with Jeff White


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London Cry (Video)

Life's Not Short, It's Sooo Long