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April 3rd 2006

Kristeen is working together with legendary producer Tony Visconti (Marc Bolan & T.Rex, U2, Thin Lizzy, Moody Blues, Adam Ant, Les Rita Mitsouko, Rustic Overtones and Philip Boa) since 2002. She has a very active fan community at BowieNet (Thanks you very much Eric for introducing me to Kristeen and her music!) - that's where my "fandom" started ... with a "work-in-progress" promotional CD (and alongside a very nice email contact with lots of KY-fans worldwide and even the artista herself) ...

St. Louis native of German and Apache decent, Kristeen Young was delivered into the care of adoptive parents shortly after her birth. That origin may be the reason why this woman not only has a huge following in St. Louis, New York (where she lives these days) or London (the place she played lots of concerts last year) but in Germany. She get splendid reviews in German music magazines (e.a. Rolling Stone and Eclipsed), has a very active german distributor with Galileo-MC without ever playing live over here. So far her German fans took any distance to catch her live - whether in London or New York.

In Germany one of the most famous writers of the last century for young people is Karl May. His most famous novells describe the friendship of an German engineer (called because of his physical abilities "Old Shatterhand") and the blessed young chief of the Apache indians "Winnetou". The Apache chief's sister ("Ntscho-Tschi" means "Beautiful day") fell in love with this German, but had been killed shortly after. So, if Ntscho-Tschi and Old Shatterhand would have had a daughter, she might have looked like Kristeen ;o)  (P.S.: The story has nothing to do with 'real' Apaches, but is a brilliant legend nevertheless ...)

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