picture by Andy Wiggins 2003

Latest update:
November 1st 2005

In January 5th 2003 I put this litte hommage to Kristeen online. Since then I've got great response - and even better are the news that come from Kristeen's recent concerts in Portugal, England und the States - again and again she underlines her reputation as a great and upcoming performer. This picture section started with only a few pictures 'stolen' from the net. Just one week later  I had to expand it ...

There are so many people I  especially want to thank Alex R. Jordan, Leo Weisman and Terry Oertli (who were the first who sent me pictures),  Mark (aka Fredthegnome), Trevor (aka tvqueenbitch), Andy (aka Alboreto), Ursula2k, Marrilion, Blammo, King Tommy (and a lot of enthusiastic BowieNet members), who gave me the opportunity to show some of the pictures they took at various concerts.

These days I have witnessed Kristeen live by myself for the first time, so I can add something to this section for the first time  - hope you like them and that you join our little club that once can say:

"We knew her from the very start!"